Flea Remedy

Liberally sprinkle borax over carpet. Do not vacuum for at least 2 days. Make sure to sprinkle borax close to and along base-boards. Apply once a week with same procedure for one month. Comb pet once every day. (Very important as it removes flea eggs)

After one month you will be flea free.

Apply occasionally for continued freedom.

Check pet once a week with flea comb.

This is an effective and inexpensive way to rid your home of fleas without harsh chemicals on your pet or in your home.

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Ants in your pets food?

Many of the pets we care for are fed on lanais or in an area where ants are prevalent. Some are fed outside when owners are away. Problems even arise inside the home at times. One sure way to keep ants out of your pets food is to put the food dish into a pie pan or other larger shallow dish filled with water.(ants don't swim) Make sure that the dish holding the water is large enough to form a mote around the food dish.

Do you suspect someone of animal abuse? What to do?

call: Lee County 239-337-1997 animal services
call: Collier County 239-530-7387 animal services

Please consider adopting from either animal services (above) or Humane Society below) When I adopted Katrina she was 10 months old and no longer wanted. I have had her for over two years and cannot understand why she was given up. I believe that pets that are rescued know on some level and never forget that you gave them asecond chance.

call: Lee County 239-332-0364 Gulf Coast Humane Society

If you ever see an animal locked inside a vehicle, do not hesitate to call:


Being a pet sitter I am often on the road. I have encountered pets confined in parked cars in the Florida heat. I know how much people love their animals so the only conclusion I can come to is that some people don’t realize the danger their pets face while confined in a parked car.

Leaving your pet in a parked car, even in the shade with the windows partially opened will not save your pet’s life

Outside temperature of 85 degrees reaches over 120 degrees inside the car within minutes

Outside humidity increases the intensity of the heat within your car

Car color such as red or dark colors intensify the heat within the vehicle

Breathing only hot air will cause brain damage and death

Florida State Statute, chapter 828 referring to Cruelty to Animals states it is illegal to leave an animal in an unattended vehicle without sufficient ventilation that will endanger the health or well being of such animal due to heat, lack of water or other circumstance that causes suffering, disability or death. Punishment may be fine, imprisonment or both

Any law enforcement officer that finds an animal in violation may enter the vehicle by using the amount of force that is reasonable to remove the animal. Neither the officer nor the county will be liable for any damage related to the removal of the animal.