It all began many years ago. I was attending a wedding in Key West.

My two small furry companions needed a place to stay for two days. I made arrangements with a local kennel. I asked that the dogs be kept in the same run feeling that they would be most comfortable if they remained together. This was their first stay at a kennel since their original adoption both coming from shelters. Woof (Chocolate Poodle) came from Florida. Fifi was a little street dog (black terrier mix) from Chicago.

I visited the kennel which was clean and staff was friendly. I dropped both of them off as late as I could on Friday and returned to pick them up early on Monday morning.

To my surprise as I approached, both were pressed tightly against the back of the cage looking very fearful. At that mo-ment I was engulfed with guilt. It took 3 days for them to re-turn to normal. They followed me endlessly for days. I made a promise to myself that I would never leave them at a kennel again.

I began to take care of friends dogs and found that the dogs got along and I was having fun. Critter Sitters officially began in April of 1994.

Woof passed away at the age of 16 in 2001. Shortly after that Kayla, a silver Schnoodle joined our family. She and Fifi were very close.

In September of 2005 we lost Fifi at age 18. Five months later Kayla followed due to cancer. She was only 12. Losing them both within six months was very hard.

I wasn’t sure after grieving for my girls for over a year that I would ever find another furry companion. I had been to local shelters from time to time with no connection. Sept. 3, 2005 after cancelling a trip to Savannah due to Hurricane Katrina I ventured to Lee County Humane Society. I spent some time there with the same sad result. I was preparing to leave and said to one of the staff, “I am very partial to scruffy looking little terriers.” One of the caretakers said, “Oh! We have a little scruffy dog in the back”.

Out pranced a delightful 11 pound honey colored little terrier mix. She was 10 months old with the most beautiful brown expressive eyes. It was love at first sight. I named her Katrina because she came to me during the time of Katrina. She is gentle and sweet and loves all of the guests that visit. I‘m so glad she has come into my life.

May of 2013 I received a call about an abandoned dog and was asked to try to place him. I knew as soon as I saw this little ten pound bundle of energy that he had found a home with Katrina and myself. His name is Mister and we love him dearly.

Jennifer Semro


Dogs are our guests

Personal attention

Opportunity to socialize

Large fenced yard

Pick up/Return

$10.00 minimum


Dogs must be

Shots must be current

Must get along with
other dogs

Flea/tick medication

interview at our home


Holidays need to be
reserved well in advance.
Deposit required