Jennifer has been taking loving care of our Morky, named Jingals (all the initials of our grandkids) for over 7 years. We could not leave him with any other sitter.

- Julian and Patricia Garcia Bonita Springs, Fl
We all love Critter Sitters - But Presley most of all. Jennifer has been our pet sitter for about 10 yrs. First with our poodle Bebe and now Presley. He gets so excited when I drive onto her street that I can hardly keep him in his car seat. He has a great time and gets superb care.

- Marge and Earle Wisniewski Bonita Springs, Fl
Our 7 year old sheltie, Bentley has been going to Critter Sitters since he was a young puppy. We are always impressed at how neat and clean Jennifer’s house is. Bentley is always happy to go there. He loves to play in the yard with the other dogs and sleep with Jennifer at night. He always comes home clean and happy. We never worry when Bentley stays with Jennifer.

- Gail and Bob Carpenter, Ft. Myers Beach, FL
We have used Critter Sitters numerous time to watch over our Cairn Terrier, Hogan. Hogan loves Jennifer and doesn't look back when we drop him off. He really enjoys the freedom of the back yard and the time spent with his other friends, all of whom have been interviewed by Jennifer beforehand, so she knows that her charges are fun-loving and up-to-date on their vaccinations. Critter Sitters is a wonderful option when your dog can't travel with you.

- Wally and Jean Walztoni, Ft. Myers Beach, FL
We always feel so good knowing when we leave Muffy with Critter Sitters she will be well taken care of. Critter Sitters offers a loving, caring environment. Muffy has been visiting Jennifer for many years and she is always glad to go and visit and comes back to us just as happy. We would highly recommend Critter Sitters to anyone.

- David and Linda Shapiro
We have used Critter Sitters for about 15 years and would not consider another service to take care of our cats and home while we vacation. As well as taking care of the cats, Jennifer brings in our mail and generally looks after the house, calling us if there is a question about anything or if there is something we need to be aware of. We strongly recommend Critter Sitters and would rate the service an 11 on a 10 point scale.

- David and Carol Young, Bonita Springs, FL
Jennifer has watched over our birds during our times away for over 15 years, through two hurricanes and the unexpected hatching of two baby birds. Critter Sitters has always provided dependable and exceptional service. When away we are always comforted knowing that Jennifer is looking after our flock. We trust them to no one else.

- Jay and Nancy Jordan Napels, FL
Critter Sitters makes leaving Molly a worry free event. She is happy to arrive and we have no behavior issues when she returns. Jennifer creates a second home for our baby.

- Nancy and Dale Schwind, Miromar Lakes, FL
I have a White Retriever and from day one he has gone to Critter Sitters. Casper hates the car unless we are going to Critter Sitters. He loves to run in the back yard and socialize with whomever is staying there at the time. I feel so much better when I have to leave because I know he is in good hands and enjoying himself.

- Debby Meyer, North Naples, FL
Sassy is 6 years old and has visited Critter Sitters since she was a "wee" pup. She loves to play with the other dogs. We know that she is safe, happy properly fed and cared for, and Sassy can't wait to see Jennifer and Katrina. She is never locked in a cage and gets to sleep with Jennifer if she wants to, so it's almost like being at home, except there are more playmates. We (Sassy's mom and dad, Marie and Lee) love Critter Sitters!!

- Marie and Lee Kitsberg, Estero, FL
Are we there yet?
Jake and Katrina
You mean we can chase the squirrels. Yes and the birds too.
Where did you say the recycle bin is?
I hate to admit it but, I must say, I enjoyed Christmas.
"I got it"
"I had a great time"
I was just thinking........
Katrina, Karma and Cooper
It's a slumber party
Molly Is it almost time for dinner?
I love to sleep with all my best friends. Don't you think I look "pretty in pink?"
I've heard it all before. Bla, bla, bla.
I just love cat-nip!
Thought I might catch up on my reading.
Don't you think I am beautiful?
Lyle Lovett
I just love carrots.
Can't you say anything but "Pretty Bird?"
Blue Eyes
I hear Critter Sitters at the door. Oh boy! Fresh food, fresh water, maybe a treat, a little brushing, clean litter, and best of all playtime